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Estate Planning

It's time.

For most Americans – well over half of whom either don’t have any estate plan or have insufficient and incomplete estate plans – putting together an estate plan remains one of those things we know we “should” do, but are very creative at finding reasons to avoid.

We get it: we’re trained to think of estate planning as facing mortality or morbidly planning out who gets what.

Let’s be very clear: estate planning is about living. This is one of the core tenets we have at McGrannLAW.

This philosophy permeates every aspect of our approach to estate planning – from these basic informational pages on our website to the way we conduct our Estate Planning Strategy Sessions to how we think about creating bespoke estate plans tailored exclusively for you.

The purpose of estate planning is to put together a comprehensive plan for the future so you can go focus on living now.

And that’s how we’re different: we’re focused on empowering you to get back to spending time with your family knowing that, regardless of what happens, they’ll be taken care of. We’re driven to give you the comfort that your business will be in good hands for its next generation of leadership.
In short, we’ve designed our process to make it so easy for you to get your estate plan done you might even find it an enjoyable experience.
Please go ahead and schedule your Estate Planning Strategy Session and let’s get that weight off your shoulders. If you schedule your Strategy Session and complete our questionnaire, we will waive our $500 fee.

What to expect at your Strategy Session

We’re going to spend a lot of time talking about you and your family, your work, and what you hope to achieve. We will focus on determining what type of estate planning will best meet your needs. You can expect to talk about some or all of the following:

  • Protections for your surviving spouse and/or children
  • The core components of any estate plan
    • Your will
    • Your powers of attorney (both financial and medical)
    • Your living will
  • Probate and the benefits and drawbacks of avoiding probate
  • Whether trusts fit into your plan
  • Tax planning
  • Asset protection
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Strategies for avoiding a will contest
  • We’ll also cover all of the questions you may have.

So have a look around and schedule your Strategy Session when you’re ready to begin safeguarding your future so that you can focus on living now.