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What if your attorney was an integral member of your team rather than someone who just showed up every once in a while to say No?

Let’s be honest: legal doesn’t have the best reputation in any company.  In business, lawyers are associated with one word: No.

It’s a source of endless frustration (I see you Sales – keep banging that gong!) for a business to be constantly derailed by the Department of No.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We do things differently at McGrannLAW, and we’re pretty damn confident you’ll love it.

How does this sound? You’ll get to partner with:

  • A business-minded attorney who won’t charge you every time you call or email.
  • Legal counsel that understands your business, products, and personalities well enough he can sit in executive team meetings and empower business decisions.
  • A legal partner that hasn’t just worked as counsel to many startup companies but owns two innovative startup legal businesses and sits on the executive teams of several high-growth startups he owns equity in. Owen has been in the trenches and speaks the language.

And get this: you will never get an invoice for a surprise amount that makes your heart stop ever again.  McGrannLAW doesn’t and will never bill by the hour, because our time is not a unit of value to the folks we work with.

We employ subscription billing so you can actually budget legal.

With packages starting at $649.00 per month – and no long-term commitment – there’s no excuse for a startup to not have an outstanding legal business partner.

Don't just take our word for it...

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There aren’t enough words to describe Owen and the trust I have in his ability to protect me and my business.  Being an entrepreneur is already hard enough as it is; why add to the pile with legal risk if I don’t have to?   Knowing Owen has my back gives me peace of mind that I never had before working with other attorneys.


He’s responsive, cares, takes the time to understand the situation, provides a pragmatic point of view to break a situation down from various angles, springs into action, doesn’t mess around, is sharp, and most of all… his advice works.  It’s why he’s the only person I trust to protect my business when I need legal expertise.

Let's talk.

Hi, I’m Owen. I can’t tell you how much I love establishing long-term partnerships with startups and small businesses. 

But my firm and I don’t partner with just anyone. 

Because we’re a small outfit, we are very selective in taking on new business partners. I want to ensure that we are great fits for each other and I have to ensure that I am not oversubscribing the firm. I want to make sure that you’re getting our very best if we choose to work with you.

So let’s talk about it. Schedule a Discovery Call with me using the form below. We charge $150 for the call (which will be applied to your first month’s subscription payment if we move forward together). Here’s what you can expect from the call:

  • A lot of questions and listening on my part
  • A review of your business from a business-minded attorney’s perspective
  • Actionable insights as to where your company is on the startup to small business timeline
  • A no bullshit exploration as to whether your business could benefit from a legal partnership with McGrannLAW or not

Cool? Cool. If you want to take your business to the next level, you’ll need an attorney in your corner who has seen this before. Let’s see if that’s me.