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Becoming a parent drops a metric ton of responsibility on you. Fast.

There’s no Easy Button for parenthood, but this guide will help make estate planning easy.  Easy sounds good right about now, doesn’t it?


We all fear what will happen to our children if something were to happen to us - whether we talk about it or not

It’s normal to have these fears, to have them about babies and money and death and taxes.  You know it.  I know it.

The way most people face uncertainty and tension is to ignore it and hope it goes away.  Let’s try something else: learning about your options and making sensible decisions based on good information.  This free guide will cover the following topics and more:

This guide will provide you with all of the basic knowledge that you’ll need to get an idea about what kind of planning suits you and your family.

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“I feel like I have permission to live my life now, because we have everything covered that needs to be covered.  At first, it’s scary, and then it’s liberating.  It’s fulfilling to know we’ve provided for every one of our child’s needs.”

Here's the deal. You have questions popping around your head - and answers to these questions (and more) are always swimming around in my head.

Hi, I’m Owen McGrann.  I’m an estate planning attorney in Pittsburgh and it’s my mission to make sure every last one of you has the information you need to make smart estate planning choices that directly address the needs of you and your family.

That’s a weird mission, you say.  Fair enough!  It took nearly dying twice – the first time without a single piece of an estate plan – for me to really grasp how important this stuff is.

I’m here to help you be smarter than I was, to make more informed decisions than I did.  I’ve put together this guide to provide you with a baseline understanding of what estate planning is and what it does for your family.  Go ahead and grab it: it’s free and comes with no strings attached.  Just a call to arms.

As the kids say, smash the button and let’s do this.

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